pharokka is a fast phage annotation pipeline.



pharokka uses PHANOTATE, the only gene prediction program tailored to bacteriophages, as the default program for gene prediction. Prodigal implemented with pyrodigal and Prodigal-gv implemented with pyrodigal-gv are also available as alternatives. Following this, functional annotations are assigned by matching each predicted coding sequence (CDS) to the PHROGs, CARD and VFDB databases using MMseqs2. As of v1.4.0, pharokka will also match each CDS to the PHROGs database using more sensitive Hidden Markov Models using PyHMMER. Pharokka's main output is a GFF file suitable for using in downstream pangenomic pipelines like Roary. pharokka also generates a cds_functions.tsv file, which includes counts of CDSs, tRNAs, tmRNAs, CRISPRs and functions assigned to CDSs according to the PHROGs database. See the full usage and check out the full documentation for more details.



For more information, please read the pharokka manuscript:

George Bouras, Roshan Nepal, Ghais Houtak, Alkis James Psaltis, Peter-John Wormald, Sarah Vreugde, Pharokka: a fast scalable bacteriophage annotation tool, Bioinformatics, Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2023, btac776,